Ailing Paul Scarlet

I planted 2 Paul Scarlet hawthorn trees at the bottom of my garden 5yrs ago. This year all the leaves except a few at the top have dropped really early; early August and it has been bare since. Can anyone advise what I should do with them. I am guessing that they have leaf blight or something similar but I can find no advice on treatment anywhere on the internet. Any help would be much appreciated as I would hate to have to get rid of them.


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    Leaves dropping early may be signs of stress. May even be lack of water making the tree weak therefore leaves falling off very easily in drying winds. Did you noticed leaves looking deformed or having brown patches? Have a look at the bark and branches. Can you see any weeping areas or rotting areas? If you don't see any, that is a good start. If you do, it's important to prune the damaged areas off.

    You never mentioned anything about the blossoms, so I gather all seemed fine early in the season. For now, any dead leaves around the base of the trees should be removed and do not let them over winter just in case. 

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  • thanks for your thoughts Borderline. Didn't notice any problem with the leaves earlier on in the year and the bark seems fine. I don't think it can be lack of water as we live in an area of high rainfall in north Cumberland. Now that you mention it I do not recall ever seeing flowers or haws on the tree since it has been planted which is strange as the normal hawthorn in the hedgerows was full of flower and fruit. I guess I will wait till next year and keep a close eye on them. I will make sure as you suggest that I clear up any leaves lying on the ground and am toying with cutting out the crown to see if that will encourage more healthy growth lower down,

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    Your trees are still quite young so it's actually normal to not see flowers or haws yet. I got a bit carried away. If you see nothing on the branches it's a good sign, just remove dead leaves by winter time and see what happens next year.

  • Many thanks for your advice, I will leave them till next year and keep a watching brief.

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