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Money tree dying

Hello all,

I would really appreciate your help in resurrecting this money plant that has been in and out of my care for a few years now. (apart from the last one, where it was with a couple of young student cousins of mine (!))

Alas I'm not an expert, but I love this plaimagent dearly, and will do anything to revitalise it.

As you can see, some of the leaves at the top are starting to wither, and it just doesn't seem to be thriving. One of the roots has gone really mushy, and it doesn't seem happy.

I would happily pay money to get someone to look at it, but I'm just not sure where I would find such a person - in the meantime, any help would be grateful.

It's being watered once a week, and we've also sprayed it with some seaweed growth formula.

Also apologies if I've posted this issue in the wrong place/site.

Many thanks



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