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Ants are pants!

Does anyone know how to get rid of ants nests in a lawn? I have a lawn about the size of a quarter of a tennis court and it is thick with ant nests all over. Don't think it helps with it being laid on a very fine topsoil which is like sand. Thanks in advance.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,956

    Soak thoroughly and they'll move on. As you've found, they like it nice and dry!

    You may need to repair and replace parts if there are sunken areas. Sometimes their tunneling can cause a bit of subsidence. It depends how bad it is. 

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  • GravGrav Posts: 10

    Thanks Fairygirl, will give that a go.Fingers crossed.

  • Good luck with that. My lawn is the size of a whole tennis court and the b****y ants have beaten me after 5 years of fighting them. I've decided I have either to live with them or have the whole lot dug up and covered in concrete image

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