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Zinnia trouble!

I planted Zinnias for the second time in two different parts of the garden. Conditions are similar in both areas. One lot are fine but the other isn't. Grew tge poorly plants with sweet peas & cosmia in the same bed. Leaves are going brown & flower heads wilting. Can't find any info so wondered if anyone can help.. thanks. 


  • Trying to upload a photo but can't. Also, just noticed problem is in all my Zinnias. 

  • Zinnias are annuals, so reaching the end of their life, but they need more sun and warmth than your other annuals, the cosmos and sweet peas, to thrive, which is why they are going downhill faster.

    Pull them out if they look too awful!

  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,631

    You were lucky to find them as they seem to have been in short supply this year. See if you can harvest the seed heads that are dried, for cost free plants next year.  

  • Thank you for replies.. if it's just the effect of end of season that's fine! Can't remember them looking like this at the end of last year but not to say they didn't.. Have had some fab blooms and some still have but was worried it maybe disease. Healthy blooms suddenly go brown & die. Will certainly have another go next year. Thanks again. 

  • BeefleyBeefley DevonPosts: 51

    Mine were rubbish too this year - the ones that managed to produce a flower then got eaten by deer! ?

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