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Box tree turning yellow

imageree turning yellowimagening yellow


  • Oh dear that poor tree,, it was never going to grow well in that small shallow container, it looks like it's dried out at some time and I don't think it will recover.

  • It has dried out over the summer.

    Box is a hedging plant however, so stands cutting back.  If you cut out the dead wood  and give it suitable TLC, you should be able to save it.  Repot into something larger and deeper, using JI No3 and put it somewhere out of full sun to recover.

    It will probably look awful at first,  but it will resprout and you can gradually reshape it into a ball. A cone will take more time and more effort but could be achieved if you have the will!

  • looks to me as if it has the dreaded caterpillars that are gradually killing off all our Box bushes all over France

    Mine get infected each year and costs a fortune to spray them .check the bush to see the small balck and green caterpillars

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