New to gardening, need tips please!

I recently just purchased two 4x4 raised garden beds. I live in Southern Indiana and it will probably be early October by the time I receive the beds. Are there any vegetables that I could sow and harvest during winter? I plan to use a greenhouse cover on both beds. 


  • Unfortunately this is a UK based site so what would work for us at this time of year may not be appropriate for your location.

    You should get more advice if you try a US based siteimage

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    A lot depends on what soil or compost you use to fill them and how cold your winters get.   Can you provide protection in the form of individual or tunnel cloches for anything you plant?

    Over this side of the pond it is the time to plant Japanese onion sets for an early summer harvest  and you should be able to plant some of the hardier brassicas such as spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli, curly kale that can also be cropped thru winter on good days.   Hard neck garlic is another possibility as it needs a period of winter chill but it doesn't like acid soils or humidity so good drainage and no cloche.  

    Best really to join a local gardening group or club and learn from and with them if you can.  

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