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How hard can I Prune this tree?

I have a Puris salicifolia pendula in my front garden, it is now getting a bit large so it is covering half the pavement. How hard can I prune this back? It gets a trim a couple of timea every year of the new growth but I want to know if it gets a severe cut back that it will re sprout from older hard wood. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,543

    Weeping pears naturally grow into an elegant form.    Severe pruning will probably spoil this and leave it looking unbalanced and may well provoke new shoots that leave it thicker than before.  I have friends who pruned one to give space and light to neighbouring fruiting pear and it was not a happy sight afterwards.

    In any case, they should be pruned in winter and that's when you can best see its shape to try and remove a few branches back to their base without drastically altering its form.  

    Over time it will want to get to 12m high and 8m wide so maybe it's a case of "wrong plant, wrong place" and you should think about replacing it with something more suitable..

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