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Tomato Blight

I had Tomato Blight in my Poly Tunnel this year is there a remedy to clean it and can I plant Tomatoes in there next year 


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,896

    Not really and yes. Clear out the soil as completely as you can, and clean the tunnel itself with a mild disinfectant (they sell a citrus based one specifically for the purpose). Bring in new soil/compost for next year. If there's room, plant something else in the particular area where you had toms this year - cucumbers, for example. If not then cross your fingers. 

    I think the humidity in polytunnels makes them more prone than greenhouses to blight, so you should possibly consider growing a blight resistant variety such as 'crimson crush' next year, because even if you get all of it out this year, it will probably recur next year anyway.

    I grow very early varieties in mine so they have usually produced a half decent crop before they succumb - 'latah' for example.

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