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Allotment weeds

ive just took over a very overgrown allotment can anyone recommend a suitable weed killer for a one off application ( I don't want to treat every year just to get me started) 



  • I've been told round up or weedol is best 

  • Depends on what weeds you have but generally weed ok or roundup would be fine. If it just herbaceous annual weeds and you have the budget, I'd be tempted to cover with newspaper or cardboard and put compost on top and plant into the compost. The weed seeds will sit in the top 6 inches of soil and come to life when you dig over. the cardboard will break down over time, But will form a good mulch and weed barrier in the meantime. You may find the soil is relatively weed free if it was well looked after and hasn't been left long.

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  • Thanks for the reply 

  •  Do have a lot of dandelion on my plot though 

  • I sprayed my dandelions 3 times. appears

    to not help. Now covering with cardboard and crossing fingers

  • They are very persistent 

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  • I think what scroggan says is the best way forward, if you start now and do as he says you will have a good start in spring.

  • I'm going to have a dig the weekend and see how I go 

  • I like digging like scroggin is best to on my plot as lots of rubbish bits of metal under the soil, if you have nettles, danelions and other weeds the soil is good and fertile

    Try digging first good to cover areas ones you have

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