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We have a plant that has outgrown one of our beds...


Could you please help us identify the plant it stand about 1-1.2 metres tall.  We intend to move it, after it has finished flowering, to the back of an adjacent bed.

I will post a close up photograph of the flower, it also seems to have aerial roots - so can we propagate from these...

thank you


  • image

    Close up of the flowers


    Aerial roots?

  • Possibly Persicaria wallichii.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,852

    I'd say campanulata. Leaves of wallichii are different and bigger

  • Thank you for your prompt responses.

    I have googled the Persicaria Campanulata and that looks the most likely.  I am a little concerned if this could be related to the Japanese Knotweed...  We cannot remember buying this plant but it has given such a wonderful show for the last few weeks so we will move it to the back of an adjacent bed for now.

  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,973

    It is rampant, showing it's relation to Japanese Knotweed, but I agree it's lovely... just keep on top of it's spread. There are less rampant Persicarias you could use, P. amplexicaulis 'Rosea' for example. I love this plant group. 

  • Thank you Will,  I will keep an eye out for P. Amplexicaulis Rosea.

    l have looked back through our plant lists and found that we did indeed buy a P. Campanulata last year.  Unfortunately, I had managed to plant this in the wrong place (in a mainly white border and too near the front); however, I am sure it will be happier in the back of the adjacent border where it will complement the existing planting.  I also think that this plant has benefitted this year from our very wet Cumbrian Summer.

    Also, thank you we will keep an eye on it - and if it spreads too much I am sure it will succumb to my wife's secateurs.  I have already potted up some possible plants from a piece that broke off (with the aerial roots) so I will let you know if they are successful...

    I am very grateful to receive the replies, as I have another plant in my daughter's garden to identify.  This is currently in a pot, has not yet flowered, and is waiting correct identification before finding it's final position.  I have looked through our gardening books and on the internet but failed to identify this plant correctly.  I believe it is currently about 600mm high...


    Thank you for your time, and kind regards,  John


  • Sorry, I do not know what I did wrong...image

    here are the photographs...



  • Without any gardening knowledge it is almost impossible to id a shrub just from the leaves.

    Looks like Hibiscus syriacus...colour of flowers unknown.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Thank you Silver Surfer, my wife thought Hibiscus too...  I guess we leave it in the pot until we are sure.  Our daughter bought it as a casualty plant - that looked to have possibilities.  I will confirm after it flowers next year.  Thank you and kind regards,  John

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