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slug and snail eggs in my allotment soil, please help, they have eaten all my root vegetable.

slug and snail eggs in my soil, eaten all my root veg, and are ready for next year, please help. I,ve only been doing this a year.


  • I would treat the area with Nematodes specific to slugs. Not sure if it's too late this year or not ( I'm sure someone here will know) but certainly next spring. 

    Ive found them to be very effective. 

    Also spend time now clearing up the garden removing places where slugs and snails can lurk over the winter. 

    Good luck. image

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  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,645

    Yes, probably too late now but two applications of nematodes 6 weeks apart in the spring will drastically reduce the numbers for next year. 

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