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Neighbours lleylandi

i have a query about my neighbours hedge and googling hasn't really answered it so here I am! :D

basically, the end of our neighbours garden backs onto the left hand side of our garden, and is probably 8-10 foot higher at ground level than our garden. So on the left hand side of our garden there is a high brick wall then their fence. As their garden is a bit overlooked from our upstairs windows, they have planted lleylandi at the end of their garden. the problem is, they only cut the 3 sides of it that they can reach and let the back of it grow as it wants. When we bought the house 6 months ago the previous owners said they sent someone round every November time to cut the back. However they have just cut the front and sides (I found it rude they didn't bother to let us know as I got home from work and found the cuttings all over my washing). If the bush was at ground level we would be happy to cut our side but the problem is it is 10fft high, the actual bush is probably 6ft on top of that at its full height. I don't see why we should have to pay someone to cut the back of their bush or risk our safety doing it ourselves. To be honest I'm happy to let sleeping dogs lie, but if it does carry on growing at the back will it eventually pull their fence down due to the weight?

thanks in advance!


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