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Acer problems

I planted a small acer two years ago very close to a much large mature blood good acer. The blood good is now partly shading the small acer. Each year a significant amount of the little acer seems to die. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong. Shall i move it to full sun? 




  • It's having to fight for its life there!

    The Bloodgood and the ivy between them will be taking all the available water and food, and then there are Heucheras too.

    If you haven't got room in the border to give it its own dedicated space, then lift it and pot it up. Put it somewhere that gets dappled shade and keep it watered - but not waterlogged. Use decent potting compost, JI3 plus a bit of leafmould or multipurpose to lighten it a little and suit the pot to the size of the rootball . I suspect it won't have grown much. Feed it when it starts into growth next year.

  • Thanks so much!!! I suspected as much.

    I'll get it out this weekend and pot it up!

    Thanks a million


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