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Rambling Roses

Hi - I had 2 rambling roses supported by a very small dead apple tree.  Unfortunately, in last weeks wind the tree fell leaving the roses in a heap on the floor.  I'm not sure what to do - should I leave as is but prune back some of the roses so that the new growth next year covers up the fact that it's fallen over?..  or, cut the roses right back to 24" or so and remove the tree although I've not got anything else to host the roses when/if they regrew.   It's at the end of my meadow and so, I could, leave it as is.  Nobody else can see it!  The one rose is covered in lovely red hips at the moment ...   They've been in a few years now and so established.  Any advice appreciated ...


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Sounds like your old apple tree hasn't completely snapped? If it's fallen a bit, I'm sure it can still look nice. No need to remove the rose. Maybe post a picture to get an idea.

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