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Plant now or overwitner

I have just purchased some Salvia Hot Lips and some Japanese Anemones, which are in 3inch pots.  My question is should I plant them now or it is too late and should I wait until Spring.   They are healthy and still flowering.  I am in the South East with heavy clay soil, which I am steadily dealing with, but I do not want to put them in if they are not able to root

Advice please.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,162

    They'll root fine if your fork over the intended area and work in some well rotted compost or manure to help break up the clay.  Water well before you take them out of their pots, tease out the roots to encourage outward growth and water well after planting.

    Word of warning tho - Hot Lips is not very hardy so needs a sheltered spot.  I'd advise taking cuttings as a back up in case you have a hard winter.  Might be best to check if it's pot bound and then just pot into a bigger pot and keep it sheltered form frosts in a greenhouse or conservatory and plant out next spring.

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720

    Japanese anemones are bombproof. They can be planted now. The Salvia would like a free draining sandy soil, and dislikes sitting in cold wet clay, so I would overwinter, and improve the area it will go in next year.

  • I am also in the SE, (10 minutes from the sea) on clay, I have had Hotlips 3 years, and added quite a few more salvias since, all doing well.  In the very hot spells we have had it goes pure white.   When I bought i, a lot of folk said it wasnt hardy, but we are quite sheltered and mild.The slugs like the young anemones. I think I must be very near you, by your bio, I am bang opposite the Downs, can see them from my front garden!

  • Thanks everyone, it is beautiful here today so think I will plant the Anemones and pot on the Salvias. Nanny Beach - yes probably same area, but I am a little inland, so no views of the glorious Downs here.

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