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Clematis identification and problem solving


I have a clematis which I’m not sure what type it is... I think it’s a jackmanii? Type 3 I think? I noticed Today the leaves have started going a slightly reddish browny colour (pictures attached) is this normal? And does it look healthy for the time of year? The flower on the photo is the last bloomer Its got, the rest have died and been snipped back....

theres new growth of vines coming through aswell but I noticed probably the main vine has got a snap in it an inch off the floor, not snapped clean off but it’s bent and damagedimage, would it be better to snip that vine, or try fix it with a splint and tape? 


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,552

    Maybe too many petals for a Jackmanii so maybe Etoile Violette.  Look them up on here -

    It is normal for the leaves to turn colour at this time of year.    However, I would say your clematis looks hungry so weed gently around the base to remove competition then give it a mulch of well rotted garden compost or manure for the worms to work in over winter then feed ita generous dollop of specialist clematis food next spring.  

    Don't worry about broken stems as you can cut the whole lot back to about 9' or the just above the lowest pair of new buds every spring.   Tie in new growth to spread the stems across its supports.  With generous feeding, it will grow back stronger and more floriferous each year.

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  • Looks like possibly Etoile Violette and Justa, have you been to Morrisons ?

    Personally, I would chop the plants hard back now, give them a few watering cans full of rainwater, then chop them hard back again in Spring, you need to develop a good root system first.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,972

    I'd cut back on the quantity of slug pellets too. image

    A tiny sprinkling is more than enough, otherwise you attract even more to the area, and it becomes counterproductive. image

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  • Thankyou for all the replies! 

    I’ve had a look at the etoile violette and I think it could be that, I inherited the cutting And never found out what type or where from. i think I’m going to cut it all back this weekend it will give me chance to paint the fence and get a bigger trellis up too! 

    Will ease up on the slug pellets too image I’d noticed they’d been eating it and thought they might of been the cause of the snap and went abit over board haha 

    cheers ?

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