New built house

Hi all,

I bought new built property. I am a first time buyer who barely has any ideas. It's nearly been a year now but i wanted to do gardening and decorate my garden but because it's not level i have to spent another 5-6 hundred pounds just to level it for the shed sand others.

Any idea if i am covered from the developers. As you know developers give us 2 years fixing  they short out problems in the property.



  • Contact the developers perhaps ?  Usually with new build properties, the developer will bury all the rubble in the garden - sometimes they turf over the ground but rarely with any thought as to whether it will take or not.

    If you think the developer has sold you something which doesn't meet with what you agreed, your solicitor may be able to help.

    Otherwise, you have to get down and dirty and sort it out for yourself.  It isn't an uncommon problem I believe.

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