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Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 2,003

I grew dahlias from seed this year......I would like to move several of my favourite coloured plants.  They are in full flower at the moment. .....would I cause too much damage to the plant if I move them now?   I live in a mild area so there is never a need to lift and store them.  Although my other dahlias were bought as corms.....not grown from seed. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,461

    If you lift them with a large rootball, and water them in well, they should survive. You may get some wilting and lose flowers.  Another month and they will be dying down anyway. When I grew from seed, I  marked the best , lifted and potted for winter, then repotted into larger pots  when they started growing. Lifting and some protection means you get earlier flowers.

  • Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 2,003

    Thanks fidgetbones 

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