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Intruder on olive leaves

Two olive trees thriving in pots on the back porch in N. Virginia.  Recently spotted several dark brown hitchhikers on nearly all of the leaves.  They look like small, dark brown barnacles and are typically located one per leaf near the tip.  There are some with multiples, up to three per leaf.  I am assuming these are some type of insect, but not sure.  Photo below...any ideas?image


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  • Thanks Dovefromabove for the reference.  Curious most of the discussions on this are based on large crops and by region.  I guess people generally don't grow olive trees in Northern Virginia.  I see something similar to this called "black scale."  Either way I have enough to discuss with local nursery to see what they recommend.  Looks like I'll have to remove by hand (2 x6 ft trees) and treat.  Thanks again.

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