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Best way for passionflower to germinate?

Hi, I'm very new to this. I have been trying for months to grow passionflower from seed. I should preface this by saying I have no experience at growing anything. At first I bought them with tomato and paprika seeds, but only the paprika grew. I have fresh cherry tomatoes with me so I planted them, and they also grew, so I'd really hate for the passionflowers not to grow. About 2 months with no sign of growth so I bought fresh passionfruits, and followed some tips from a blog that said I should soak the seeds for 5-ish days and still nothing.

It might not seem like a big deal but I'm running out of passionfruits, and they're pretty hard to come by here. I live in Indonesia, and I know they're not native here but I heard passionflowers are very hardy and it's rather temperate here all year long so I believe they can grow.


  • Thank you, I've read similar tips online but it seems people have differing experience when it comes to growing these. What do you mean by bottom heat? I know very little about gardening. Also, does that mean I don't need to soak it first? The blog post I saw said that there's a chemical that prevents in-fruit germination so I have to let bacterias digest the jelly first.

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