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French lavender concerns

Hello, you've been really helpful before so I'm hoping you can help me again.

It's been so wet lately and my French lavender is suffering. It's got new growth at the top but brown underneath. I know you cut back but if I do, I'll lose the new growth and be cutting into the brown. I've read about taking them out to dry out a bit, is this the best thing to do?

Thank you.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688

    Are you planting your lavenders in the ground? If so, it might be a good time to dig your plant up and work in lots of grit into the planting hole. Damp and cold, two combinations that will make your French Lavenders suffer. They are not fully hardy in some parts of the UK, so be aware that your plant may also need protecting with fleece or straw if you have them planted in the ground.

    If they are in pots, make sure the soil is full of grit or even lay a top layer of it over the top. They resent sitting on damp cold soil and this will encourage rotting which could kill the plant. Finally, keep them off the ground with something to raise the base of the pots to allow air flow and also minimise water sitting at the base. Place them against a warm southerly wall if you haven't done so. The brown bits around the base will eventually dry up and you can pull them out. Lavenders are not easy to keep growing year after year, so think about propagating too.

  • That's brilliant, thank you very much ?

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