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When to spray box hedge

hi my box hedge are showing signs of possible blight. Am I ok to spray them now with a fungicide as I want to take action asap.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    There is no real cure for Box Blight. You just need to cut the areas away gradually. Are you absolutely sure it's Blight? Sometimes, drying our areas due to lack of water can be confused with Box Blight. Also, cutting the shrub in damp conditions or using instruments that have not been properly cleaned can transfer diseases to the leaves. Either way, you will need to be patient and cut the areas away. 

    If you are watering the Box plant, always water from below into the roots. On tightly clipped Box, water sitting on leaves over prolonged periods can also encourage fungal growth, and also present what looks similar to Box Blight. 

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