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Sick rose


Good morning, hope you are enjoying this very autumnal weekend.  I was given a David Austin golden celebration rose a couple of months ago that I have been unable to plant out befire this weekend. It has had black spots in the newer leaves and yellow spots on the older dark green leaves. The flowers look pretty limp and unhappy too. I had been pulling the worst affected leaves off but now it seems every part is affected.

Does anyone know what's wrong with it and if I can do anything to help? Or is it just losing its leaves because autumn is here?! It says on the instructions to prune in spring but I wonder if I pruned it down before planting out that would control the disease a bit....

any advice gratefully received!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    It's a combination of both. Most roses will not be looking their best right now. Leaves are starting to drop and also many will have black spot which is what you have. Nothing serious when it comes to roses. The main thing is to collect any fallen leaves around the base by winter time. Don't let them sit over winter as this action may transfer the problem into next year, and you could end up with black spot when new growth emerge.

    Always lay a new layer of compost or manure in early spring, and I think your roses will be fine. You can prune off any bits that you feel are unsightly or drooping, but wait till next year in early spring time to prune the plant down to around half a ft to 1 ft from the ground. 

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,659

    Roses resist disease better when they are healthy. I think your rose needs planting as soon as possible. The leaves look a bit yellow which can mean it's hungry. Have you fed it while it's been in it's pot? It's too late to feed now though. Do as Borderline says and feed it in the spring. Keep it watered the first year. If it shows any sign of becoming ill again next year then spray it with a fungicide.

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  • It's in the ground! Thanks both for the replies and advice, hopefully it will like the earth better and all the rotted manure I threw in the hole with it... Thanks!

  • I chuck some banana skins into the ground near the roots too. Mine are covered in black spot now, I think because of all the wet weather. I'm going to cut off the spottty leaves before they fall to the ground. I did this last year and it didn't harm the plant.

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