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Advice and guidance on new fence border

I'm currently getting my garden completely landscaped and am approaching the final touches which I means I need to figure out which plants I want to use for my border. Ideally I would like one that is fairly low maintenance and still looks nice out of season so was looking for a good mix of evergreen.

Having a look online I think I want a combination of some sort of the two borders below and as this is my first gardening project I was hoping you could help me understand what plants these are. The first one is 'vibrant' from which gives a breakdown of the plants so is fine and the second is from which doesn't give me a breakdown of plants. I was hoping you could help me identify the others from the 'low maintenance evergreen' on the gardenonaroll website:-

Also would this be a good mix and can you help me understand what would be best placed at the back/middle/front? As I am new to all of this I don't quite understand the spacing also.

If these aren't a good combination for what I require do you have any recommendations?

For full context The border will be a sunny  bed and will be against a fence. The size of the border is 3 ft by 10ft. It has recently been rotavated and filled with nutrients so ready to go. My intention would be to put a membrane on top and a layer of Caledonian Pebbles on top as decoration and the plan would be to just have holes through the Pebbles and membrane where I can plant.

I have also attached an old picture prior to rotavating the whole garden just to give an idea of the space. It will be the section on the left of the garden near the fence in front of the shed which will have a new bed.

Thanks so much! 


  • The Waitrose link didn't work for me.

    The gardenonaroll site gives a list of the evergreens they provide, though I spotted Hellebore and Nepeta too, which are not on the list.

    All are potentially suitable for your purpose, but if the illustration is representative of their planting plan then it will not work as the plants have no room in which to grow.(though it does not say what size they are to begin with - they may be minute!)

    The stronger growers will soon overshadow the slower ones, and 3ft is narrow for a shrub border. A number of those shrubs will have a wider spread than that, which means you only get a single row, and have to prune to keep them in bounds. This makes the border less effective and higher maintenance and may not suit some of them , making it hard to keep them looking good.

    Take the list as a starting point and use the RHS website or a good nursery site to research the plants. See which ones appeal to you, then check their requirements match your garden and look at mature size. Details of eventual height and spread will tell you if they will fit your border and whereabouts to place them. You can then source your own plants either from a garden centre or online (from a reputable site - check out 'the Good Guys' on this forum) and plant them.

    You will need fewer plants and it will probably end up cheaper than the roll planting plan. It will also be exactly what you want. You will have more engagement with and understanding of the plants and will get more satisfaction from watching them grow. You will have started to become a gardener!

  • Thanks for the advice! I will have a look now :)

    Apologies for the link error! the correct link is below:-

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