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Balcony composting

Hi all. I'm a complete gardening novice but have recently started to grow my own herb and some flowers. I'm really keen to start composting kitchen waste, although I must admit that my desire to start composting stems from wanting to be more environmentally friendly.

I live in a third floor (and top floor) flat and have a very large balcony. My plants are currently being housed in one of those plastic/pvc greenhouses due to the rubbish weather.

I have done some research in to composting but am now a little confused. Would it be better to get a small composting bin, with a shelf to drain the liquid as I don't have a garden/soil to rest it on (as I have seen advised many times), or a wormery? I'd be concerned with the latter that they wouldn't do well over winter? 

Thanks in advance for your help!


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