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Moving Elephants Ears

Evening All

I have a big patch of Elephant's Ears (Bergenia Cordifolia) that I need to remove due to impending building work.

I would quite like to keep some back as it could come in useful at a later date (and strangely I have kind of come to like it).

What's the best way to transplant some of these into containers.  They have the big fleshy fibrous roots.




  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,416

    Luckily it's not difficult - see this guide here. As long as you have some root, they will transplant OK. The more root the better but you'll have to trim a bit to get them into pots. You should cut the leaves as shown, to offset the root loss.

  • Cheers Will.  Looks quite straightforward.  I will give it a go.

  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457

    I have just moved loads of 'em with this wacky idea that they are the monoculture under a weeping birch (who knows if this idea will be fruitful?), anyway, they have taken already so I can vouch for them being easy.

    I stuck my spade in between natural gaps in the leaves (they were in a crowded clump) and then when I'd isolated a likely candidate I cleaned it up by removing all brown matter, yellowed leaves and dead flower heads.  I was left with just the smaller leaves, although that's difficult because if they're there, they're huge so I did take off some that weren't damaged.  Then I left them plenty of space in their new location.

    Best of luck.

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