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Palm tree and tropical hibiscus dying

Hello to everyone,

I am currently struggling to understand what is going on with my coconut palm. It all started about a month and a half ago, the leaves started to get brown and yellow spots like the ones in picture. I went on holiday and left it for 10 days with a wick that went from the soil into a jug of water... when I got back I got the first signs of it.


I've then moved to my friends house temporarily about a month ago and brought it with me. It is now near a west facing window but not getting as much sunlight as it used to although it's always pretty bright in the room. I wet the leaves with a cloth at least once a day because I know they love humidity and water it whenever the soil gets dry but I have to admit the soil seems to never get dry so I'm always worrying I might be overwatering it! Another problem is that I think it is pretty rootbound as I can feel the roots pressing against the plastic pot. I used to fertilise it once every two weeks but I have not been able because I have left my fertiliser in a locker room image

I am now moving to my new flat by the end of next week and going to re-pot it into a bigger pot and using high quality soil and I will also be able to fertilise it as well... the problem is that at the moment the leaves are getting pretty bad. They are turning brown and drying... they are also folding on themselves at the end if that makes sense although the new leaves look like they are still growing imageimageimageimage

Do you have any tips for keeping this palm alive? Should I cut the dry tips off? I have to say I got quite affectionate to it and I'd hate to see it dying.


  • This are my tropical hibiscus plants, they were doing so well in my last apartment, they had loads of new leaves and were growing so fast but now that I’m at my friend’s they look like they are about to die… Think it might have been a problem with overwatering and or no fertiliser whatsoever… They are on a south facing window now, should I move them to a lest sunny window and do you think they will survive? Or maybe create some sort of small greenhouse around them so that they can recover faster?


    If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Up.

    Please help me save my palm tree! image It's looking worse every day and making me want to give up on it!

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