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Plant ID Please

SmudgesDadSmudgesDad DevonPosts: 59

Could anyone identify this plant for me please, two colours of the same plant. It's a trailing plant that I bought during spring but have forgotten the name of.




  • Looks like Petunia "trailing surfinia" to me.

  • SmudgesDadSmudgesDad DevonPosts: 59

    It definitely didn't say petunia Pauper, I wouldn't have bought it if it had. These flowers are much smaller than a petunia'a and don't collapse in the rain.

    Thank you for reply.

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    If they are smaller in size, they are probably Calibrachoa, Million Bells. 

  • Million bells sounds about right.

    Surfinia are big and floppy and a disaster in the rain. I didn't consider the scale. image

  • SmudgesDadSmudgesDad DevonPosts: 59


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