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Scabby tatties

I just harvested a bag of tatties as i need some for the soup im making. There were a load of completely empty tattie skins in there, loads with scabs and a few green yins. What has caused the scabs? Can i cut them away and use the good bits for soup? Can i use the white bits of a green spud or do i have to bin the lot? Cheers muchly image


  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,717

    Scab doesn't normaly go too deep so yes you can cut it off and use the rest, scab is normaly because your soil is too alkaline and/or too dry. so keeping them moist when the tubers are just starting to form helps and also adding an amendment to lower the ph.

    As to the green ones I do if they are not very green, not had a problem with it, but I cannot tell you if that is good advice or not!

  • oooftoooft Posts: 191

    Scabs are off and good bits are now in my big pot of ham broth. Cheers, Skandi

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