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Iberis looking poorly


I have an evergreen Iberis Semperflorens.  When I moved 6 years ago, I brought it with me and it has thrived until this year.  Plants around it have become more established and taken over a little making the Iberis become woody as it has tried to grow past the other plants.  I am moving again and again have dug it up to take with me.

im not sure whether you can cut Iberis back without killing it.  In the past I have always just trimmed it after flowering, but now it's looking straggly and woody.  

Please could anyone give me advice.  I know plants like lavender and cotton lavender cannot be cut right back and wonder if this plant is the same.

thank you 



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    I think you need to split your plant up, mainly cutting off the edges to start new plants up. Without seeing it, I'm guessing the centre of the plant is worn out and just a mass of dried sticks. I haven't been lucky with this plant in the past, but that is due to wrong conditions. You have done well for 6-7 years. You could also take some semi-ripe cuttings at this time of year too. It sounds like the original clump has run out of steam.

  • Hi Borderline, 

    thanks for your reply and advice. I will give cuttings a go, with some of the healthier looking bits and see how I do.

    thanks again


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    Cara Newlands, I probably didn't write clearly in my original post. You could attempt to dig up the clump and pull away or cut off the edges with roots and re-plant instantly. Just remove the centre areas. That's the area that is worn out. Sounds like your plant was trying to reach for light and seems to be doing a good job of that, and surviving.

  • Ok, thanks for that extra advice, you are right I think it suffered from the lack of light more than anything and I wish I had noticed sooner!   I will now try your advice with leaving the roots on the outer parts and hopefully will have more success. 

    Thanks for coming back to me, I really appreciate it 


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