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Rose cuttings


I have never taken rose cuttings before but am. Keen to try it this year. I am inexperienced but I have heard this is a good time to take cuttings. 

There are few guides on Internet to taking cuttings so I will follow that. Questions are, once cutting is taken, do I keep it inside house over winter or outside. I am in London. 

Any other tips or technique suggestions for Rose cuttings? Thanks


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    If you do them in pots, make sure they are kept in a quiet, sheltered corner protected from frosts.  Place the cuttings round the edge.    You can also do them in slits in the earth - Use your spade to make a slit trench, wiggle the blade a bit to widen the trench and then pour in some sharp sand and fine grit before inserting your cuttings and pressing back the earth to close the slit.

    Leave either method alone till next spring and do not disturb until new growth starts at the top of your cuttings other than to pull out any that have clearly withered or rotted.   Water well before you do uproot your cuttings and then pot up each one individually in well draining compost so they can grow on to become healthy plants.

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