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Siting of Lean-To Greenhouse

Hi, I want to buy a lean-to greenhouse as I have limited space in my garden.    It will be sited on the side of my house, which has a car-port type cover over the walk-way.   It is light and the sun comes around the side of the house, mostly in the morning.   It runs East to West.   My question is will this be ok for growing mostly tomatoes and cucumbers?   It will be also used for over-wintering plants.

Many Thanks.


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 5,821

    As long as it gets sun for at least half the day you should be ok. The usual advice for fruit & veg is full sun but with most greenhouses we end up shading them in high summer anyway.

    AB Still learning

  • Thanks Iain.   I did not want to go to the expense of buying one and finding out later it did not work.

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