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Plants for a wedding

wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

My daughter is getting married  next year at the end of June. The reception is going to be in a Victorian conservatory. I have some very tall white pots about 70cm high and 40cm square and thought that they would look  lovely in the conservatory perhaps with lights in them. Any suggestions please.


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,080

    Choose three or four options - some which are usually May/June flowering and some which are June/July flowering and pot them into 40cm plastic pots. Then it's a simple matter to do what they do at Chelsea and pick whichever ones are looking best to drop in to the final display.

    Gladiolus nanus 'the bride' - simple very elegant white flowers or allium schubertii - definitely 'centrepiece' flowers.  Keep the gladioli in some shelter (they don't like to be waterlogged and won't survive a hard frost).

    There are some early flowering cultivars of lavender stoechas

    Or a tall soft grass, stipa tenuissima, maybe, which look wonderful lit up. They'd be more background than centrepiece.

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