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Hedgerow Rehabilitation

Hi all,

Ivy, some flooding and general neglect has killed a 10 yard section of a fairly wild roadside hedge in my new garden. The existing hedge is a mix of holly, hawthorn and other bits and pieces.

Any advice on how & what to clear and replant with would be gratefully received!




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,660

    First you need to clear the area and sort out underlying problems. Is the flooding a long standing problem?    ie is there a ditch there or has one been filled in? Ivy in a hedge does not usually kill it. I have Ivy in a hawthorn and holly hedge.  Holly and hawthorn can be clipped hard and will come back from neglect in a year or two. If there is too much Ivy, cut it off at floor level, and let it die off before pulling out.

     If it is all dead, then clear out all the roots, add soil conditioner such as compost and some bonemeal and replant with young plants about a foot apart.  If it is a long hedge, then match in with what you have got. If it is all of the hedge, you can choose something different. Maybe variegated holly plants, again a foot apart, wtll knit together to form a dense hedge.

  • As a 'country girl' for most of my life, I've never found neglect (or even a moderate flood or three) to kill a hawthorn hedge ... rather the opposite!!! 

    Are you sure it's dead or does it just need cutting back hard to rejuvenate it?

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Thanks folks,

    The reference to flooding relates to road drainage. Previous owner believed that road salt was a factor which seems feasible. The drainage was sorted by the local authority over a year ago so there should be no further issues with that!

    The dead stuff really is dead! Dry and brittle it just crumbles and this seems to extend right down into the roots. I think it will be clearance and replanting as you suggest fidgetbones. Some other sections just need the cut back and a bit of work (already started) on cutting the ivy at the base.

    Any recommendations regarding a good mail order source for the young plants?

  • arneilarneil Posts: 285

    Far better getting Whips from a local nursery , not a Garden Center , than by Mail order

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