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I planted three lily bulbs in a large pot in the spring and they all flowered, but unfortunately one wasn't the same variety as the others! I'm not too worried, as the 'wrong' one is a Regal Lily and quite like it anyway, but maybe it'll stop me buying loose again! Question is, I want them separated for next season, so when do I do that? Before you ask, I have labelled the one I want moved elsewhere, probably into another pot, as we have thick clay soil here.


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    They're dormant enough now, although you can really move them anytime after they finish flowering without too much of a problem. Prep the area you want to move it too, or in your case, the pot, and just separate the bulbs and repot. Water, then leave to die back fully.

    When they all start back into growth next year, it's good practice to remove some old compost and replace with new. The bulbs, if left to die back themselves, will build up the nourishment they'll need for next year's flowers, but if you get a lot of wet weather over winter, it's a good idea to give them some slow release fertiliser when you add the new compost. image

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  • Thanks for that, just what I needed

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