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Rose leaf issues

These pictures are of my Benjamin Britten rose, planted 3 and half years ago.  The brochure descriptions all state that it has glossy leaves but mine looks rather sorry for itself.  Each year, it has started off fairly well but, as the summer has progressed, the discolouration in the attached picture has come to the fore.

Last year, I consulted the Rose Expert book and the pictures there suggested magnesium deficiency, so I fed it more generously than usual with standard Toprose in the spring and again after the first flush, but I haven't really detected any improvement.  Not all the leaves are affected.

Is it a nutrition issue?  Its location is that it gets full sun until about 1.30, 2.00 each day, at which point the shade of a large horse chestnut, situated about 20 yards away, starts to spread across.  It gets some more sun after 6pm, in the summer, so I'm hoping it's not a 'not enough sun' problem

I'd welcome advice and suggestions (other than to fell the tree, which sadly is not mine!)

image   image


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    I don't think they are necessarily an issue with nutrient deficiency, but a rose plant growing well will always respond better if you always start the year off with a new layer of manure or similar. Good thick layer of garden compost worked in at spring time is also good.

    The photos look like black spot, which is quite a common problem with roses. If you are seeing this return year after year, I suggest you remove all dead and fallen leaves by winter time. Don't compost them. Don't let them sit on the base of your plants. This action can cause the spores to infect the soil and plant. 

    Other things to watch out for. A border full of roses planted closed to one another can increase your chances of transferring black spot onto other rose shrubs. Also, try to avoid growing roses under a canopy of trees or shrubs. 

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