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cuttings propagation advice please

I am currently propagating many different cuttings in a Vitopod propagator via root riot cubes.

I have finally had some success with both of the lilac cuttings, which are developing new shoots and have new stems and tiny leaves appearing.   The new growth is perhaps 2 to 3 inches long at present.

I noticed that some of the tiny leaves have already blackened somewhat and a couple completely dried, so I have picked those off, leaving a few healthy ones left.

I've never actually opened the vents yet - could this be part of the problem, or not?   I'm a bit reluctant to do so as I have fairly new stuff in there also, but I'm sure I could open if I needed to.    

Really hoping they will continue to grow as they haven't put down any roots to speak of (bar one I can see poking out the side of one cube) in terms of filling out the root riot cubes.   I wonder how long that will take?

Any advice would be appreciated here.    I'm currently misting them once a day in the evening.

Thanks all.


  • How long did it take you to see the new shoots?  I've had three attempts at fuchsias - the first time they rotted, the second time they just didn't take and eventually wilted and died.  I'm now using a proper propagator instead of a bag.

    I'd like to take some lilac cuttings so keen to see how long it took you to notice it was a success?  Will keep an eye on your thread and I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer your questions.


  • LynLyn Posts: 22,870

    Fucshias don't need a propagator they are best taken now, when it's cooler, put then in water, they'll root within the week or two,

    i do dozens of cuttings every year, never had a propagator or a plastic bag.

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  • Hi emsy,

    I'd say 3 wks with the lilacs to notice fresh growth.

    I just hope they survive and continue to grow.   It's at this stage where im unsure why some of the tiny new leaves have blackened.   Don't want to lose them.   One rooting cube has a root showing at the side but nothing more yet.   Patience I guess.    Anyone who can advise would be most helpful as to if it's a venting issue or what.

    I'm reluctant to feed until cube full of roots.   I'm growing at 21C.   No lights.    Would be keen to know what the best and cost effective ways are to increase rooting speeds in the vitopod.  The lights setup seems pricey for what it is and I wouldn't know when cuttings would need this bright light anyhow.

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