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Monkshood Aphid

Does anyone have any methods with dealing with a serious attack of the bright bluey green monkshood aphid?



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,128

    Hello peteandtrace

    Just scanning the forum and came across your 'post' ; these are a serious aphid to deal with . It seems that agricultural chemicals (prohibitively expensive) would work , but accessing these may be difficult .

    If my plants , at the expense of this years flowers , I would cut to ground and safely dispose of all foliage .

    Then carefully (toxic roots) , separate and wash each stem and thoroughly sterilise with bleach . When dry , repot in containers and monitor their  progress in the Spring . It might be a good idea to sterilise the soil they have been growing in also .
    Some might think it strange to talk about using bleach , but I have found that a strong solution is a very effective insecticide , as well as a germicide , viricide and killer of numerous bacteria . Cheaper too image

    Give it a go , what have you got to lose ??image Good luck !!

  • Many Thanks for your advice.

    Will give it a go!

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