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    I've done it ... as someone who has studied design I can't see how it's going to help, but I hope it does image

    Shouldn't have to mention it really, but a please and a thankyou usually helps elicit more replies.  

    Attention to detail is important for designers image

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    Proper grammar and good sentence structure help too. ( not "to" )

    I think questions 1 and 5 are basically asking for the same answers.

    I've no idea how any of these answers help with the design of an outdoor, ( not " out door" ) planter.

    Is an " out door" not an Exit?

    Good luck.

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    This survey looks totally useless to me. I wonder how it may be of any use to your project. 

    Please check your spelling; "design project".

    Your "Thread Description" is too long. You should have put that explanation in the body of your post. 

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    We are not trying to be deliberately rude, just trying to help you.

    I am afraid your survey will not provide any useful information.

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    Done! image

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