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Taxus baccarat (yew) problems


Hello all.

i have been having a number of issues with my Yew hedge. It was planted in November 2015 as bare root plants which seemed to work well but as the season of 2016 progressed some of the plants started to go brown, the weren't dead as the branches were still bendy and there was still some green growth, also it wasn't the whole hedge just random one along  the line. I decided to replace last year as I thought they were Bad plants. However again this year I have had a few random ones die off and a few doing the same as before browning off and not recovering. I have fed with a controlled release fertiliser and the occasional foliar feed but still no recovery. Has anyone experienced this or know what might be the issue. I would like to replace them but need to figure out why there doing this before I fork out for some new plants.

i look forward to hearing your opinions. Have added a couple of photos although the lighting wasn't great and I'm no expert photographer. Hope you can help


  • Sorry for the typo on the the title baccata it should say image

  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,976

    What soil are you on? They cannot stand poor drainage. If you dig a trench in clay soil, it doesn't matter what amount of grit you add to the backfill, if the trench is surrounded by clay it can become waterlogged.

  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,976

    It looks clayish from the photo...

  • WillDB says:

    It looks clayish from the photo...

    See original post
    your right its a Clayish loam. I did think that might be the problem and have been thinking of putting in some kind of drainage to move any sitting water away?


  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,976

    If you plant them in their own holes and firm them in individually, that will be better than digging a trench into which you add enriched soil. Or you could plant them on a ridge... dig your trench and toss the soil to one side to about 9 inches deep, and plant them into that soil rather than the trench. They'll be sitting above the wet ground then. 

    Or as you say you could add drainage, but you need to have somewhere for your drainage to drain away to... just putting in gravel at the base won't necessarily work, you need to pipe the water away or it will simply sit there at the base of the plants.

  • Thanks WillDB

    ill look into it. the drainage is thought was to put some perfirated pipe wrapped in a membrane to collect any water and drain it away to a lower part of the garden.

    tanks for the advice, I'll see if I am raise them as well.

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