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Only 2 hands

I've been gardening most of my life. But I'm new at trying to grow bananas. My first plant, which I've had for two years now, finally developed a flower. The problem is that after only the first two hands (9 fingers total) it seems to have already started producing what I'm pretty sure are either herm or male flowers.  The weather where I am (Amercan Midwest) is still warm enough for this not to be the issue (70s to 90s), watering it enough, fertilizing correctly and in proper amounts. So, might this just be genetically programmed into the plant? Or is there some other reason it produced so little fruit? If it IS genetic, I don't know if I should bother growing the sucker this plant produced. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!


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    Which banana type is it.?

    Most of the bananas produced for consumption are Musa cavendishii. Other have ornamental  leaves but not great in fruiting.

  • Got it from a friend who wasn't sure. But for on comparing flower pictures, I'm about 75% sure that they're either dwarf or regular lady fingers.

    The plant is about 12-13 feet tall. From what I've read, that's kinda in between the dwarf and regular variety.

  • This same friend said that he has always had , at minimum, 5-7 hands of edible fruit from the plants he has grown in the past, from which my plant was taken as a sucker.

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