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Help needed with my lawn

i have recently moved into a new (to me) property. The lawn is mainly moss and weeds however I am determined to create a lawn to be proud of. Heading into autumn is there anything I can do start working on the lawn or should I wait to spring? 

In the garden there are two large sycamore trees, we are looking to reduce these in size, is autumn / winter the best time to do this?


  • Mow the lawn and scarify - take out the moss. It may be compacted so it might be worth loosening it with a fork. Moss like the damp so getting more light and air to the grass by cutting back the trees will be beneficial. If you keep mowing the weeds will go or you could use a weed and feed in the spring. Any work to the trees should be done when all the leaves have dropped and it's dormant and only between now and the end of february i.e. Outside the nesting season.

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