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What can we do with this Photinia hedge?

My daughter has asked me for advice on her long Photinia hedge.  One of the Photinias in the row has suffered severe leaf fall and is not thriving.

I thought it may be Photinia Fungus but I cannot see any black spots on the remaining leaves on the bush.  I can't tell whether the leaves beneath have black spots as they have been there some time.  The neighbouring plants look quite healthy as you can see in the photo.

Can anyone advise what to do with this plant or whether best to take it out and hope the neighbouring plants fill the gap in time.  We would be so grateful for any help


Sorry the pics went out of order.  First is the problem one

Next is the length of hedge

Third is the healthy neighbour

Fourth shows the whole problem plant


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,499

    Not sure why it has gone like this but it could be worth cutting it right back and see if it shoots out again.

    If it's OK it will quickly fill the gap if not its neighbours should soon fill it.

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  • Thank you madpenguin - that sounds positive

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