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Can anyone identify this (sideways!) plantimage


  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    It is a bit tricky to tell at this stage, but it might be a kind of Grevillea.

  • Or a baby larch tree?

    I have a couple of those in one of my troughs and it looks very like, but would need to feel it for better ID!

  • Thanks - the only thing I can add which may help is that I suspect it stated life two summers ago as a tiny, delicate wisp of a thing with a pastel blue flower - then this summer - it is still the same plant, stormed into this woody stemmed specimen; its 'leaves' seem something kids would love, kind of almost artificial, almost with a life of their own at the slightest touch. Hope this helps I. D it 'cos it's fantastic and photos don't do it justice. 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    It's interesting you mention pastel blue flowers a few summers ago. I'm thinking, this could be a perennial plant instead of a shrub.

    Amsonia Hubrichtii has early summer flowers, small starry pale blue flowers and the foliage tends to fade to yellow in autumn time. They can be semi-evergreen in milder conditions. If no flowers this year, I suspect this is may be due to you not cutting the stem down to create a more bushier growth. They can grow to 3 ft in height. 

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  • Thanks - the plot thickens. I'm almost willing it not to be a tree as I only have a yard, and this fine gem the birds must've delivered looks fantastic, and it's so unlike any herbs I'm used to. That first summer or two it was so delicate I thought it a puny weed, it was the pastel blue flower that saved it. Now it has this woody stem, and what with the other replies, I started to fear I had a tree on my hands. I may still have - but there's hope.

  • makes me think of a type of rosemary

  • Ummmm, I'm familiar with herbs and its unlike an herb that I know

  • it was the pale blue flowers and the woody stems that made me think it may be- it's just that it looks so familiar and I'm not sure why- I'll have to have a think about it !

  • I know what you mean don't worry. I wish the pic was better but the plant moves so much even with hardly any breeze.

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