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Wild Bird Food

It's that time of year again and I'm pricing up for this years purchase of wild bird feed.

I find that B&Q, Pets at Home and the local garden centres are very very expensive.

When you work it out £/KG its horrendous.

You get what you pay for but black sunflower seed, niger seed and mealworms are what they are.

Wild bird seed mixes however vary considerably in price and mix content and ratio and the majority / all suppliers don't seem to specify exactly what the mix contains and in what ratio either.

The best prices I've found so far are:

Black Sunflower seed on eBay from hopeswellseeds at 80p/kg or £24 for 30kg

20kg bag of mixed wild bird seed from BATA produced by Bucktons at £10.75 or 54p/kg

12.75kg bag niger seed from BATA produced by Johnsons & Jeff at £20.95 or £1.65/kg

The best trusted price I can find for dried Mealworms is again from BATA at £11/kg sold as 1KG tubs from Johnson & Jeff.

Can anybody do any better?

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