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Which blueberry bushes?

I want to try my hand at growing Blueberries in pots. I understand that I need to buy two bushes of different varieties and plant them in ericaceous compost, but my goodness, there are so many varieties. Gardening in North London on a south-west facing site which varieties would you recommend?


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  • Thanks Bob- I've had a read but only a few comments and I'd welcome some more advice so if anyone out there can recommend which ones to buy for putting in pots of ericaceous compost I'd be grateful.

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  • I'd get two semi high bush varieties that flower at the same time. They should be hard enough and if they are placed with a south west aspect will get enough sun. Buy plants that are well established (two to three years old.)

    As well as the obvious of planting them in large pots of ericaceous compost you might want to consider the addition of Sulphur chips to help maintain the correct acidity level (you need the ph to remain at around 6.

    Only use rain water unless it's an emergency as the tap water will be too alkaline.

    The only pruning necessary is to maintain the shape and stop them getting straggly.

    I also  collect pine straw from underneath conifers from parks and use this as a good acidic mulch.

    You can buy ericaceous feeds but I just use comfrey liquid or liquid seaweed.

    I also use coffee grinds scraped from the coffee jug (don't add water) which are also a good fertiliser and slightly acidic.

  • Thank you Paul-exceedingly useful and great to know I can use those coffee grinds.

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