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Is there any hope ?

I have been in the house for 3 years and there is a Photina red robin which was here when we arrived. It is approximate 6 feet tall. This summer it dropped the majority of its leaves even though I tried to keep it watered when it was hot. To be honest I thought it had died. However  the ends of the branches now seem to be showing new growth. will the rest of it recover . if it only has leaves at the very end I am not sure how it will look. is there anything I can do to help it or is a case of just wait and see next year. I live in Dorset and it has been a very nice summer.


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    It definitely sounds like your Photinia is alive, but had a dip in perhaps hot dry weather. Depending on the age of the branches, those closes to the centre of the plant may not grow new leaves. It's hard to advise without seeing the shrub, but it sounds like it could do with a prune to rejuvenate some of the branches. It's always good to mulch longterm plants like shrubs, so my only advice is to do that for now. Obviously, if it's extremely dry for weeks on end, water the area well.

  • Thanks, would you prune it now or wait until spring ?

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    You can try and prune some branches now and leave some for spring time to prune. Totally up to you. This shrub will respond to harsh pruning back. It all depends on the shrub shape. Generally, a light pruning is suggested in spring time to keep the shape, making the shrub more bushy, but if you want to re-shape or rejuvenate areas, you can prune further back now. 

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