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I recently bought a property, a small holding in central Portugal which has been neglected for many years, I am getting things up and running but one thing has been bugging me all summer. I want something special and showy at the front of the property to welcome me when I come home.

The problem is the area is in front of a wall so it is shaded for most of the day, until about 2pm, it then gets a full blast of sun and heat, maybe for about 3/4 hours. Wild cherry and peach were growing there, which have now been taken out. 

I am looking for either a small tree or climber (I can make a trellis) that is a summer bloomer, something that will have flowers all summer, but will grow fast and flower in a lot of shade. It also needs to be frost hardy as in the winter that area is a little frost pocket for most of the day (it gets down to about -5 degrees but could go as low as -10 if it is very cold)

Ideally it would be evergreen, so it looks attractive in the winter, I really am looking for a show stopper tree, something with all or late summer bloom 

The site rules out must choices for example Murtlye, the closest thing I can think of it honey suckle, or trump vine, but ideally I would want something ever green.

I am traditionally a vegetable gardener, so decorative plants are all very new to me,

any advice would be greatly welcomed 


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    It all depends on the style and colour schemes, but the tree that is positively glowing even on the darkest days and looks rustic and bronze in the winter time and has lovely ornamental fruits in autumn when mature, it is the weeping pear tree. Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula is the sort of tree that will suit small gardens and also brings in a warm meditteranean feel. The shape and the weeping habit makes this tree the best choice for small spaces. Easily pruned if you need to.

    But if you need interest into late summer, you could try Clerodendrum Trichotomum, a multi-stemed tree that has interesting white flowers that changes into berries into the autumn time. Very decorative, and should cope with your weather. But not evergreen. 

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