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Help to find the English name of a plant

hi I have 2 plants for which I have only the French name Trachelies, when I look up on the web I come across trachelium, however the leaf shape seems to be completely different. 

The plant itself has suffered damage due to a lot of rain followed by being swallowed up by morning glories, and attacked by vine weavers (really has not had a good year). I would like to know its name so that I can do research and find it a happier home as the flower heads really were quite pretty.

The minimal info on the label says full sun to shade and protect in winter! Not a lot of help.imageimagealso I need to move it as it is competing for the trellis with a climbing rose.

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  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 4,218

    The plant named "trachélie" in French is indeed a Trachelium. See Willemse website here: More at

    English common name 'blue throatwort'.

    It's quite hard to see the "normal" leaf shape of your plant from the photo you posted, since most of them have been eaten by bugs or slugs.image

    Please note that, as per Wikipedia, "In temperate climates this plant is usually grown as a half-hardy annual". Depending where you live in France this plant might survive the winter or not.

    You are invited to a virtual visit of my garden (in English or in French).
  • Jacquim- That looks like a very severe vine weevil attack. I would get some nematode biological control and apply to soil ASAP.

    AB Still learning

  • Thanks Iain its already ordered just waiting on its arrival! This is definitely the worst it's ever been and obviously my greatest problem with growing in planters. The leaves were large almost shaped like chestnut tree leaves. 

    The plant is sold as ok till minus 10 with protection which would normal mean it will survive the winter on my terrace but I need to know whether it dies back or whether I should cut it back etc....  hence my need to get the name correct for the research.

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