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Planting pot plants now

We have been working on our garden over the last few years, we've built a garage/office, changed our driveway entrance and pretty much removed all plants from the garden except a large Japanese Acer and a mature hawthorn tree.

i also have a number of plants that I 'saved' in the demolitio, that are all in pots. 

I've been unable to plant anything as we were waiting for the heavy work to be complete (new patio, fences etc.) and it is finally all coming together this week. 

I am so eager to plant my plants out, but concerned about the time of year And would really appreciate some tips.

the plants I have include:

- stipia gigantia

- lots of sedum

- lots of verbena bonaris 

- 2 mature rosemary plants

- rock rose

- lots of hostas

- a large fern

- a few hyrangeas 

I was hoping to plant these out, dividing the larger plants and then fill the gaps either this year or next year.

I'm planning on 2 large borders where I would like to have lots of grasses and flowing flowers. I am also having a staggered raised bed at the back of the garden and planting 2 silver birch trees (jacquimontii) and under p with the hostas and ferns.

I've read that moving grasses is bad in autum, but is it best to keep in a pot where it could be more liable to the cold?

many thanks for any tips in advance.



  • the simple answer is yes, plant them now. if they've been in pots for a while then it's no different that planting after buying them from the garden centre.

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,079

    I agree - get them in, they stand a better chance in the ground than in pots. (The stipa may be the only exception - I've not had much luck growing those though, so have no idea image ).

    That's going to look fab when it's all planted up image

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    Loving the potential.

    Get them in!

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  • If they have been in pots for some time then the use of Rootgrow will help them establish. We replanted our garden some 12 years ago after a big extension build & the whole garden being re-developed. Some plants were in pots or a  temporary bed for over a year. Only one of our  plants failed to re-establish & we planted at about this time of year.

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  • Excellent, many thanks for your responses.

    I had read of issues with stipia in another thread; I really wanted to divide it as it's a huge clump, but don't want to risk losing it ? I've been lucky with it so far, bought it as a small plant from a neighbours plant sale, it's probably quadrupled in size - seems to like neglect as it was left in our front garden unwatered for months on end ?

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    I love the idea of 

    "- lots of hostas"


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